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Tara Alemany
Aleweb Social Marketing

Tara Alemany is the owner and founder of Aleweb Social Marketing, a consulting company that helps creative types (authors, speakers, performers, musicians and entrepreneurs) build a comprehensive online platform. (In keeping with the times, her teen-aged daughter created the “Aleweb” name as a mash-up between their last name and “the web.”)

Tara has more than 20 years of experience writing, training, and providing application support and process analysis to businesses. All of these skills are used in helping her clients create the visibility they need for successful launches of new books, talks, music, performances and services.
She is frequently recognized for her speaking ability, knowledge and expertise, which she leverages to educate technophobes and trendsetters alike.

She has her own blog, “The Conversations Around Us,” but also guest blogs, writes for the Lead Change Group and SmartBrief, is syndicated on AllTop, Business2Community and Social Media Today, has been featured in Carol Roth’s Business Unplugged, and has been reprinted in SOLD magazine. She has published an eBook (“The Plan that Launched a Thousand Books,” a DIY guide to marketing books online), co-authored The Character-Based Leader: Instigating a Leadership Revolution… One Person at a Time (to be released in September 2012), is published in My Love to You Always (to be released in October 2012), and is working on her next book, The Best is Yet to Come.

Tara speaks frequently on social media topics, and has been a speaker or panelist at local events, as well as larger conferences, including the eMarketing Association’s “The Power of eMarketing” conference and SMCampLI (a social media conference in Long Island), and chapter meetings of the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners. She has also made appearances on internet radio shows like Meet Lead Change, The Boomer Beat, The Courtside CEO and The LinkedIn Lady’s Show.

In addition to providing consulting services, writing and speaking, Tara serves on the Board of Directors of a non-profit ministry, is Chaplain of her local Word Weavers chapter, and is also a martial artist, a short-term missionary, and Mom to 2 kids (one of each), ages 14 and 12.
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Chris Baggott

Chris Baggott
CEO and Co-Founder

Author: Email Marketing By The Numbers

Over the course of his twenty-year career, Chris Baggott has redefined what it means to be a marketer.

In 2001, he set up a desk in his friend’s garage and worked alongside Scott Dorsey and Peter McCormick to build ExactTarget, which has since grown to become a world-leading, multi-national email service provider. In 2007, Chris created Compendium, a business blogging platform with the software, tools, and services that empowers companies to create, capture, moderate, and broadcast their messages online. Two years ago, Invesp dubbed Chris one of the 25 most influential marketers in the world. In short, Mr. Baggott knows his stuff when it comes to business blogging, content marketing, and email marketing. In fact, he literally wrote the book on the latter when he penned Email Marketing by the Numbers in 2006.

Skip Besthoff

InboundWriter CEO Skip Besthoff draws upon 20 years of experience in technology-related industries as a developer, strategist and investor to identify next generation companies poised to take advantage of emerging market trends. In addition to serving as CEO for InboundWriter, he also advises for Castile Ventures where he focuses on investments in digital media, Internet and software-related businesses. Previously, Mr. Besthoff was a principal at Rho Ventures where he invested in and participated on the boards of market-transforming companies including Everdream (acquired by Dell), IntraLinks (NYSE: IL) and MPV (acquired by Experian).  Earlier in his career, Mr. Besthoff held multiple roles in strategy and technology consulting firms serving clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Notably, he spent five years as a consultant and manager at Accenture where he led large-scale systems development projects for leading multi-national corporations.  Mr. Besthoff is active in the venture community serving as a speaker, advisor and mentor to a number of industry associations and universities.  He holds a BA from Hamilton College and an MBA with honors from Cornell University where he was awarded the distinguished Alfred Fried Fellowship.  He also serves on the board of KIPP Massachusetts, a charter school network in the greater Boston area.

Jeff Batte
Director of eCRM and Strategy

Over the past 14 years, Jeff has specialized in integrating intelligence, technology and engagement strategies to build dialogue and strengthen relationships between brands and their customers.  He has developed one-to-one communications programs for some of the world’s most recognizable brands including SAP, Sprint, Colgate, Adidas, Gold’s Gym, PetSmart, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Invisalign, John Deere and Southwest Airlines. Managing the agency’s eCRM practice, he is responsible for delivery of the end-to-end client eCRM experience, from thought leadership and strategic consultation  to the flawless deployment of eCRM implementations.   Jeff’s work has been recognized by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), American Advertising Federation, and MarketingSherpa among other organizations.

Jim Bernthal
President & Owner
Top Floor Technologies, LLC

Top Floor Technologies was founded by Jim in 1999. Top Floor Technologies, is a Search Marketing company with an award winning Web Design and development team. Top Floor focuses on lead generation for the B2B market but has the marketing and technology expertise to help virtually any growth oriented organization harness the power of the Internet to grow their business. Top Floor develops both lead generation and e-commerce websites and provides it's client ongoing search marketing services that are based on using analytics and search marketing expertise to drive continual improvement.Top Floor Technologies provides,  Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search Management, E-mail marketing, Web Site Development (specializing in the Drupal open source platform), Mobile Web Site Development &  International Search Marketing services.

Prior to starting Top Floor Technologies Jim's was a hall of fame sales representative and the owner of a rep firm for the largest industrial advertising publication in industry- The Thomas Register of American Manufacturer. This background means Jim has been in the search marketing industry for over 30 years. Being in search marketing prior to the advent of the Internet has provided Jim the type of perspective that few other Internet Marketing professionals enjoy. That, in conjunction with his degree in Organizational Development, had provided him the foundation to create one of industries leading B2B search marketing firms.

BA- Personnel Administration, Business and Organizational Development at Michigan State University

Personal Interest: Golf, Cycling, Water skiing , Windsurfing.

Ted Box
Founder & CEO
Chief Evangelist

For over 20 years Ted has led teams on the cutting edge of software development delivering marketing success for firms such as AT&T, BroadVision, Tumbleweed Communications, The Swiss Post, Webforia Inc, Espotting Media, Find What, MIVA, Overture Services, Yahoo!, Fantastic Corporation, Tenfore International, Micrognosis, Swisscom, Baloise Insurance Ltd, Thomson Reuters, DuPont, Porsche, Mövenpick and dozens more. Today, his businesses continue to flourish, pushing the limits of possibilities so that marketers can extend their reach into the mobile arena with engaging Apps that achieve measurable results. You may already have heard about his latest venture, An amazing service that takes your existing print media and turns it into an interactive App in under a week. When he is not jetting around the world solving compelling marketing puzzles, Ted lives in Switzerland with his wife and enjoys sculling, scuba diving, snowboarding and composing music.

Frank Dale
CEO and President
Speaker/Entrepreneur/Online Marketer

Frank Dale is CEO and President at Compendium, a content marketing platform that helps organizations capture and create original content in a branded hub for distribution to any marketing channel. He is a frequent speaker about digital marketing at conferences around the country, and contributes articles to business publications, including a monthly column for MediaPost.

Frank is a problem solver and a leader – consistently advocating testing and experimentation to find success. With a passion for startup companies and entrepreneurship, Frank serves as a panelist for marketing and entrepreneurship at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. He also leads the Indianapolis Lean Startup Meetup, a group of Indianapolis area entrepreneurs that employ Lean Startup and Customer Development techniques.

Prior to his current role, Frank was vice president of operations at Compendium. He joined Compendium after holding the same title at LightsOut Intelligence. Frank also served as Channel Development Manager at WhatCounts, and has been a consultant at the Indiana 21st Century Research and Technology Fund.

A graduate of Valparaiso University, Frank earned an MBA at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business.

Becky Depew
Dr. Search Marketing

As the Dr. Search Marketing for the R2i Search Group Becky oversees all search strategists working on various digital marketing paid search and media accounts. She provides strategic recommendations on paid and organic search and has over 10 years of search background and knowledge. Prior to joining r2i in 2010 Becky Depew served as a senior account manager for Travelclick a national hospitality focused search agency working with between 80 - 100 accounts varying in size. Prior to Travelclick Becky was an account manager at AOL/ for 4.5 years and worked on 4 - 5 accounts simultaneously with individual accounts ranging between $100k a month to $350k a month.

At r2i, Becky drives all search account strategies and maintains relationships with Google, Bing, Facebook, and various networks to make sure that clients are keeping up with recent trends and search improvements. In her relationships with the various groups, Becky has been able to have r2i clients moved into Alpha and Beta testing new technology and optimization opportunities as they have become available.

Description: Alicia Dietsch

Alicia Dietsch
Vice President
Marketing Communications & Operations

Experienced Marketing and Sales Executive with expertise in marketing strategies, targeting and high impact messaging and programs for large, multi-national sales organizations and customers of all sizes - large enterprise to small business.

Noah Dyer
Director of Internet Marketing
Sure Spark Internet Marketing

Noah Dyer is the Director of Sure Spark, a Phoenix Internet Marketing company.  He is referred to as the High Priest of Internet Marketing, but only by himself.  He loves the spirit of entrepreneurship.  He began his own career with a lemonade stand in front of his house in kindergarten, subsequently selling everything from friendship bracelets to pencils to his friends for years to come.  As a teenager, he received a cease and desist from his high school administration for competing against school clubs in candy sales.  

As an adult, Noah gained his marketing acumen by working on the marketing plans of dozens of small, private businesses.  Here, every dollar mattered because it came directly from the owner's pocket.  He has carried that philosophy and outlook to his larger corporate clients. 

Noah is a frequent speaker and workshop facilitator at marketing events.  He often appears on radio and television programs as an Internet marketing expert. 

Noah has a bachelor's degree in psychology and an MBA.  More importantly, he has four young children that are constantly educating him.  He enjoys playing violent sports, such as rugby, wrestling, boxing, ghetto ball, and water polo.  He says getting hit upside the head results in new ideas and inspiration.  He hopes some of these ideas will be useful to you.

Robert Fleming

Robert Fleming
President and CEO
eMarketing Association

As Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of the e-Marketing Association (eMA), Mr. Fleming guides the Association's efforts in education, professional development, certification and legislation for individuals and companies engaged in e-marketing.

Mr. Fleming helped co-found the eMarketing Association in 1999 , with a vision of bringing Internet marketers together to share ideas and processes.
Today, the eMA enjoys the status of being the world's largest international association of eMarketing professionals with members in over 40 countries around the globe. Before co-founding the eMA, Mr. Fleming was Vice President of Business Development for the California Manufacturing Technology Center (CMTC). CMTC is a program of the United States Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), designed to help U.S manufacturers become more productive and efficient.

Mr. Fleming was president of Stock Editions, Inc., the worlds largest subscription stock graphics firm. He was responsible for developing the first royalty free photography service and the first stock photography to be offered on CD-ROM. Mr. As VP of Communications at Optical Radiation Corporation, he designed, developed, and implemented the successful introduction of LiteStyle ophthalmic lenses, Flexeon intraocular lenses, RxPediter computer for medical use as well as many other industrial medical and scientific products. In 1990 he directed the successful launch of Cinema Digital Sound. This was the first digital sound system for motion pictures that debuted in the movie Dick Tracy. Technology from this system is used today within the motion picture industry.

Mr. Fleming has held senior management positions with the American Cancer Society, Adtech, Inc. and The Standard Oil Company. He has received over 45 awards for marketing and communications including 3 American Advertising Federation ADDY awards. He has spoken and many conferences and seminars including, the Aruba Tourist Bureau, Caterpillar Dealers Meeting, The United States Army, Ad:tech, DECCA and many others. He is a Member of the Board of Center for Integrated Marketing Communications at San Diego State University. His work is on permanent exhibit at the United States Library of Congress Collection of excellent Corporate Communications. He attended Northeastern University in Boston. Mr. Fleming has held numerous seminars on marketing and has been published in a variety of national and regional publications. In addition to leading the eMarketing Association, Mr. Fleming provides marketing consultation services to senior management and corporate directors of several Fortune 500 companies.

Robert lives in Rhode Island with his wife Cheryl and their 3 children.

Peter Gracey
Chief Operations Officer and co-Founder
AG Salesworks

Peter Gracey, is the Chief Operations Officer and co-Founder of AG Salesworks, a leading provider of high quality and fully qualified sales leads to technology companies. In his current position, Pete oversees client engagement, personnel management, business strategy, across-the-board data analysis and long-term strategic planning. Gracey is a prolific blogger who posts frequently to the AG web site, and contributes online video presentations. Gracey is also an Adjunct Professor of Sales and Marketing for the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Justin Fogarty

Justin has over 12 years of tech sales and marketing experience. He was an early adopter of social media and has pioneered its use at 3 companies. Justin believe social media is a new solution to an age old challenge; communication. At its best, Justin insists social platforms facilitate conversations between customers and the brands they like, love or hate, giving them access to candid discussions and unfiltered customer stories.

Currently, Justin manages social media strategy at BloomReach, where their social channels feed the content marketing machine, engage influencers and generate leads. Prior to BloomReach, he spent 5 years building Ariba's social media from the ground up and 2 years at NBX, a fantasy sports betting startup. Justin was ahead of the curve using LinkedIn Groups to etend his companies' reach, using YouTube as a marketing vehicle, and in making events more mobile and social so their reach extends beyond the physical walls of the venue.

Justin has a BA from UC Santa Barbara and a MSc from University College London. He, his wife and their 8 year old son live in Los Gatos, CA. 

Dyanne Carol Fries

Dyanne formed Fries Multimedia, LLC in 1993 with her brother Tom to take advantage of the exploding Interactive, Direct Marketing and Digital Market Place. Dyanne grew up in an "industry family", Fries Entertainment; daughter to Charles W. Fries, “Godfather of the TV Movie”, and has participated in all arenas Hollywood has to offer. She has excellent communication skills, and is effective at resourcing project needs from her contacts and experience.

Dyanne works with distributors, producers, writers, artists and directors within the industry who share her passion and is recognized as an entrepreneur because she has ventured out on her own. Her focus has been on the daily changing world of multimedia, and has taken it upon herself to master the meaning of digital imaging in order to create, execute and deliver what today's market demands, and that is market solutions that sell.

In the last 15 years Dyanne, has designed over 2,000 pre-sale and key-art campaigns for theatrical, TV, cable and home entertainment releases worldwide. She has written and produced short form infomercials and has created media and direct marketing strategies for over fifteen different products.

Dyanne has a solid understanding of production, which she credits to The American Film Institute where she coordinated and oversaw the AFI TV Writers Summer Workshop and associate produced the CBS School Break Special "Malcolm Takes A Shot" (nominated - Father Kaiser Humanitarian Award; nominated - DGA Award - Mario Van Peebles). She was also associate producer of the AFI documentary "Hollywood Mavericks" where she coordinated interviews on 16mm film with Peter Bogdanovich, Martin Scorsese, David Lynch, Robert DeNiro, Alan Rudolph, Paul Schrader and Dennis Hopper. More recently, during the 2002 and 2003 Cannes Film Festival, Dyanne produced and directed numorous celebrity interview segments and celebrity product endorcement segments, for TV and Cable variety talk shows. (The Interviews were shot on digi-beta and edited with Final Cut Pro on a Mac G4 then burned to a DVD.)

Dyanne believes that the beauty of a project is in its message, but the success of a project is how well its message is received. She likes things that leave you with an "up" feeling of hope for the future. Her mandate is not strictly commercial, but involves a personal commitment to the nurturing of human relationships and she makes a point of communicating that through each project she works on.

Enthusiastic about the ever-changing world of technology, she is determined to make a difference in the world and is currently developing interactive children's programs for TV, DVD, and the Internet. Dyanne’s brother, Michael T. Fries, is president and CEO of Liberty Global International, , a multi-billion dollar corporation that provides digital communication worldwide.

Matt Gault
Vice President, Channel Strategy

Matt is VP, Channel Strategy at Yesmail Interactive, an Infogroup company that powers intelligent customer interactions.  Matt leverages his integrated database marketing and strategic services expertise to grow Yesmail’s emerging agency practice.  He designs interactive solutions specifically geared towards helping agencies and their clients achieve their desired outcomes while maximizing their return on investment. 

Most recently Matt was Vice President, Partner Channel at GX Software.  There, he expanded the release of their BlueConic multichannel online engagement platform, which allows marketers to communicate and establish relationships with customers across multiple channels, turning them from unknown to known, by integrating critical data across online and offline systems to help bridge the engagement gap created by disparate data sources.

Prior to GX Software, Matt was Senior Director for Latin America Operations at Alterian, a leader in campaign management and social media analytics.  With clients that included Wunderman, Group Aeroplan, and PluSoft, Matt grew Alterian’s footprint in Latin America and secured its standing as the fastest revenue-growing region for Alterian. 

Before joining Alterian, Matt was among the first of a strategic team to introduce SAS Marketing Automation tools to the marketplace.  He was responsible for product positioning, pricing strategy and training of general account teams.  With an average deal size of $600,000 in software, Matt’s clients consisted of CitiBank, Hibernia Bank, Catalina Marketing, Toyota and Disney.

Matt expand Protagona’s presence in the interactive marketing industry by bringing their first offline/online campaign management system to and established himself with clients that included Charles Schwab, Macromedia, and  Matt also spearheaded Protagona’s expansion into AsiaPac with clients such as Standard Chartered Bank in Hong Kong.

Jared Hansen
Program Manager, Support Alerts
Hewlett Packard

As a former marketing manager for the Direct division of the Walt Disney Company, Jared led a team in marketing a brand he helped initiate. From there, he joined Hewlett Packard in 2000, where he acted in various roles involving database marketing, CRM, web initiatives and, most recently, managing eMail programs.  Jared resides in Boise, Idaho with his wife and 5 children. Jared received his Bachelor of Arts in Advertising from Brigham Young University and went on to receive a Masters of Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University.

Rowan Harper
Founder and CEO
Modal Digital Agency

Rowan Harper is the President and Founder of Modal Digital Agency. With 17 years of progressively responsible experience and a background rich with diversity ranging from application architecture, integration and work-flow with Lotus and IBM, to the Vice President of Digital Strategy with Young and Rubicam, he has found a home in helping big brands build affinity and elevate their online presence. Modal Digital Agency, born into the competitive world of digital advertising, seeks to redefine the online conversation. Most recently a successful partnership with Verizon Wireless has been centered around building and supporting a bridge between online and offline marketing channels, increasing customer engagement and brand awareness.
Rowan has continued to evolve as a technologist and digital innovator. Among his significant previous positions Rowan served as a Global Software Sales & Marketing Manager where he pioneered the definition and design of the in-seat passenger experience for major airlines around the globe including Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 (double-decker), Virgin Atlantic, Emirates, Qantas, Lufthansa and a plethora of others.

As the General Manager of Fuse Interactive, Rowan landed and nurtured key accounts such as Disney, Kawasaki North America, Verizon Wireless and extended an existing AOR relationship with Hewlett Packard.

As the VP Associate Director of Digital Planning at Young and Rubicam, Irvine Rowan was responsible for overseeing the efforts of Land Rover, Mattel, Jenny Craig and Toshiba. It was this exposure to big brand, big retainer - challenges, relationships and dynamics that ultimately inspired the creation of Modal Digital Agency in 2008.

Rowan graduated from Oregon State University with a BA in Theater, and a BSc in Business Administration in Management Information Systems. Leveraging the ability to engage from a creative perspective while maintaining a full technical understanding in regards to requirements and the interpretation of client and consumer needs, Rowan leads Modal into the digital space with a rich and multi-dimensional perspective.

Get an in-depth look into Modal's success as only the man behind the curtain could describe it - in this candid interview

John Hargrave
Media Shower

John Hargrave is CEO of Media Shower, the renowned SEO content agency that's achieved Google Top Ten rankings on ultra-competitive keywords like "auto insurance," "credit cards," and "Viagra" (possibly the hardest of all). With over 15 years digital marketing experience, Hargrave has developed award-winning content and campaigns for Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Vonage, and ESPN. He is the author of two bestselling humor books, and looks forward to making you laugh.

Mike Hattub
Chief Operating Officer

Mike Hattub has spent over 15 years in data, modeling, and analytics organizations developing innovative risk and marketing solutions for a wide variety of clients and industries. Prior to joining AnalyticsIQ as Chief Operating Officer, Hattub founded and built a successful analytics company (acquired by AIQ in January, 2010). In 1998, Hattub joined Sigma Analytics as the first hired employee, and was instrumental in overseeing the early-stage growth of the company up to its merger with Merkle. Prior to joining Sigma Analytics, Hattub was a strategic consultant at Equifax. Hattub holds a Masters of Business Administration in Finance from Georgia State University.


Duran Inci
Co-Founder & COO

Duran is an Internet Marketing expert with over 10 years experience in e-business, including Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search, Ecommerce and Conversion Optimization. As Co-Founder & COO of Optimum7, Duran has developed very sophisticated processes resulting in clearly leading edge execution of SEO, PPC and Ecommerce strategies. Combined with his strong leadership of the Optimum7 team, Duran has successfully generated many millions of dollars in revenue for his clients. His strong analytical skills consistently results in businesses meeting and exceeding online business objectives. The exceptional breadth of Duran’s technical skills ensures that Optimum7 clients have the best, most current tools available to maximize the impact of their online marketing campaigns using the latest technologies (XML, RSS, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, ASP, and SQL) to yield innovative business opportunities and just plain great results. A clear example is Duran’s work with countless custom cross-platform integrations to bring very successful businesses into the online arena and propel them into strong competitive positions with their industry’s movers and shakers. Mr. Inci initiated and managed the development of the first Microdata WordPress SEO Plug-in. He and Optimum7 have been featured in several publications including CNNMoney, Wired and Smashing Magazines. When not leading Optimum7 multidisciplinary teams in his Miami office, Duran enjoys playing competitive sports such as soccer, tennis, basketball and playing flamenco guitar.

Craig Klein
Founder and CEO

Craig Klein brings his engineering training and his sales management experience together to build measurable, consistent sales processes for his clients.  As Founder and CEO of, Craig works with small startups and Fortune 500’s to create systems that give sales people more time to sell and more quality leads to sell to while giving management the accountability that is so elusive in sales.
Craig spent 10 years selling multi-million dollar, multi-year contracts to energy companies such as ExxonMobil, BP, Shell and Chevron.  The long, complex selling environment within these energy behemoths gives Craig a keen sense of the risk of mis-allocated sales time.
Craig has developed lead acquisition and selling systems for major financial firms like Wachovia and Countrywide.

Craig’s superior ability to discern a business owner’s goals, challenges and needs stems from his strong belief that listening skills are far more valuable than speaking skills.

Craig has written several popular e-books including the recent “Grow Sales with Emails – 7 Simple Steps Sales People Can Take Today”.  Craig’s is a contributor to Small Business Today Magazine, Premier Agent Magazine, The Customer Collective and and has appeared as a featured speaker at the TEANA 2012 Conference and many other exhibitions and conferences.

Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee
CEO and Co-Founder

Kevin Lee Didit Founder. Chairman & CEO, has been an acknowledged Search Engine Marketing (SEM) expert since 1995. Kevin’s years of SEM expertise provide the foundation for Didit’s proprietary Maestro search campaign technology which in 2008 was extended beyond search campaign management into an auction media platform facilitating the integration of exchange-based display media. Didit’s unparalleled results and client profit lift have earned Didit recognition not only among marketers but also as part of the 2007 Inc 500 (#137) as well as a #12 position on Deloitte’s Fast 500 for 3 years running. Kevin’s “Paid Search Strategies” column for ClickZ is read by thousands, and his books are widely praised. Kevin’s most recent book: Search Engine Advertising both books include a code redeemable for $200 in free Microsoft Advertising (adCenter) ad credits for new US advertisers. A founding board member of SEMPO and its first elected Chairman Kevin is also active as a speaker at top conferences including SES, SMX, DMA Annual, Internet Retailer and more. The Wall St. Journal, Business Week, The New York Times, Bloomberg, CNET, USA Today, San Jose Mercury News and other press quote Kevin regularly and he educates the next generation of digital marketers by lecturing at NYU, Columbia, Fordham and Pace Universities. Kevin’s expertise is also valued by Wall Street he has briefed analysts and clients of JP Morgan, RBC, UBS, Piper Jaffray, Goldman Sachs, Citicorp & others. Kevin earned his MBA from Yale School of Management in 1992 and lives in Manhattan with his wife (a New York Psychologist) and kids.  Kevin was recognized as an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2008 and 2009 Award Finalist in Metro New York Area and received the 2008 Direct Marketing Club of New York, Mal Dunn Leadership Award.

In addition, in 2008, Kevin Lee and partner David Pasternack launched a social entrepreneurship venture, a web technology that generates passive donation revenue for non-profit causes including schools, universities, associations, clubs and houses of worship.


Daniel Lemin
Founder & Principal
Social Studio

Daniel Lemin is a digital media consultant and owner of strategy consultancy Social Studio. He works with global and multi-national brands to define and implement enriching social engagement programs that drive business and improve customer connections. Previously he was director of social engagement at PainePR in Los Angeles where he established brand-building social media and channel innovation programs for global consumer brands including General Motors, Pampers, Old Spice, Iams and Sony Electronics. Prior to PainePR he managed global corporate communications and public affairs for Google. In that role he expanded the popular Google Zeitgeist program (now Google Trends) to more than 25 global markets and oversaw PR efforts for the expansion of consumer search and advertiser services in Asia-Pacific, India, Latin America and Europe. He speaks frequently at industry events and is also an instructor at UC Irvine Extension and leads courses in the Social Media & Web 2.0 certificate program. He holds a Master’s in communication from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Wash.

Steve Machesney
Vice President of Strategy

Steve Machesney has a simple mantra: continuous improvement. His inclination to ask, "what if?" often gets him into trouble in all the right places, and keeps his clients and colleagues in step with progress.

Before coming to Fathom, Steve was the Global Online Strategist for Covidien and founded online marketing educator WebMark, a division of New Horizons. He'll tell you that he's created any job he's ever had and Fathom was no different. We quickly discovered that his ability to innovate his own career was an unequivocal sign that a sense of entrepreneurialism ran deep.

Steve's official title is VP of Strategy. For us, this means helping clients architect a plan for measuring success. Ensuring that creative direction is paired with business success is Steve's line of sight. Making things better, more efficient or more productive was instilled in Steve while learning a style of lean manufacturing at The Wiremold Company. There, the kaizen philosophy, that ideas can come from anywhere, made a permanent mark and has been the basis for his inquisitive nature ever since.
Steve holds an MS in Marketing from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and is a graduate of the State University of New York at Buffalo. An aspiring boat builder and sailor, he got the sailing bug when working for Mystic Whaler Cruises in Mystic, Conn., and was a crew member on a 125 foot schooner. Steve lives in New Haven, Connecticut, where he spends time with his wife Trina and two children. 

Jay McCarthy
Vice President of Marketing

Jay McCarthy describes himself as a "recovering techie" and has spent over 20 years chasing technology solutions. He is a thought leader and pioneer in the online marketing space. While at WebSideStory he managed and defined their web analytics products and service offerings. He is now the Chief Product Evangelist for InboundWriter, a product which helps writers create better content by providing them key information at the time of content creation. Jay has spoken at numerous conferences on the subjects of online marketing, online privacy, software as a service, and web analytics.


Jeff Mesnik
Founder and President
Socialize Your Stuff, LLC

Jeff has over 18 years of experience in high tech and marketing.

Previous to the founding of Socialize Your Stuff, Jeff co-founded iMakeNews, Inc. (, an e-newsletter service provider. iMakeNews eventually grew to provide e-newsletter services to thousands of companies, organizations, and individuals, from small firms to the Fortune 500.

Prior to iMakeNews, Jeff’s previous positions include Global Product Marketing Manager for Axis Communications, where he was responsible for the launch of the Axis Web Camera Product Line and ParentNet applications. Jeff built the Web Camera line of business to a $5 Million annual revenue stream in two years. As Business Development Manager and Product Marketing Manager for Spirit Technologies, Jeff introduced new business opportunities and product lines which resulted in $10 Million in new annual revenue. Jeff received a B.A. degree from Brandeis University.

Chris Messina
Body1, Inc.

Chris Messina is the CEO of Body1, Inc., ( a Cambridge-based cloud
technology leader in life science marketing. Body1 creates and hosts online
communities to cost-effectively engage and educate consumers, physicians, and other
healthcare stakeholders. In partnership with market-leading life science clients ranging
from Abbott to the Harvard Health Alumni Association, Body1 manages both private
label websites and targeted health portals.

The Body1 Network is one of the largest networks of targeted health sites. It includes
knowledge cooperatives (KnowCo's) focused on specific chronic medical conditions and
engages close to 5 million consumers/yr. Each of Body1’s own health portals such as,, and has an active community
generating ideas, content, and occasionally- controversy. Using its KnowCo™ hosted
platform, Body1 Interactive deploys web 2.0 medical websites integrated with relevant
medical social media such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, as well as
CRM databases and mobile for its life science clients.

In his spare time, Mr. Messina is active in the genetic condition world, including blogging
about cognition and Trisomy21 at He also serves in
Shine!, a special needs ministry in his church and is an Overseer at the Harvard - affiliated
Mt. Auburn Hospital. Mr. Messina is a frequent presenter on social media, at
venues such as the 2010 and 2011 Harvard Business School Health Alumni
Conferences, the MedNetworks Social Media in Medicine Conference in 2011, and
privately, at numerous life science clients.

Mr. Messina graduated from both the Harvard Business School (MBA) and Rutgers
University (B.S.- Summa Cum Laude). He also won a Rotary Fellowship to study
community design at the University of Sydney (Australia). He, his wife, and two children
live in Cambridge, MA.

Phil Miano
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Collider Media
Linedin Profile

Phil Miano is responsible for bringing the Collider suite of advanced mobile advertising targeting products to market, helping advertising agencies, brands and mobile companies from around the world exceed their mobile marketing and research objectives.

Prior to joining Collider Media, Mr. Miano served as the National Sales Director of Mobile Advertising for AOL. In this role he led the assimilation of Third Screen Media in to AOL and crafted the strategy for mobile advertising across the company. Prior to AOL, Mr. Miano was the first US mobile sales hire for Microsoft Advertising where he had previously been a member of the AdCenter paid search launch team. A digital advertising veteran, Mr. Miano has held previous management roles with Time Inc. New Media, PRIMEDIA and the hip-hop web portal 360hiphop which he co-founded with rap impresario Russell Simmons and which was acquired by in 2001.

Mr. Miano is a graduate of the University of Connecticut and the US Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center.

Eric Paquette
Senior Vice President

Eric is a Senior Vice President at Copernicus, a research-driven marketing consulting firm, and has nearly two decades of experience working with marketers to make informed decisions about their strategies and programs.  He leads the firm's charge into the digital world and its work in the area of brand advocacy. 

His forté is bridging the gap between research and marketing for clients—translating insights into successful marketing strategies, new products/services, programs and tactics. 
Eric works in a variety of industries and has led major new product marketing, pricing, and other strategy engagements for a variety of B2C and B2B, for-profit and not-for-profit firms. 

Danielle Pryor
Goode Marketing

Owner of Goode Marketing, Danielle has 15 years of experience in the high technology and B2B markets focused on demand generation, online marketing, customer marketing and integrated marketing campaigns. She is focused on customer satisfaction through sales support at all times. Prior to Goode Marketing, she was Director of Marketing at Centage and ExaGrid Systems. Before that, she was the senior manager of global marketing at both Hitachi Data Systems and Red Hat. From 2005 to 2009, Ms. Pryor worked as the marketing manager for Double-Take Software. Ms. Pryor is also a successful entrepreneur who created and developed Good Gear, an eco-friendly sporting apparel company. Ms. Pryor holds a Bachelors degree in communications and public relations from Syracuse University, SI Newhouse School of Communications.

John Schwab
Entrepreneurial Business Coach and New Media Marketing Consultant
Creative Catapult Video, LLC

Entrepreneurial Business Coach and New Media Marketing Consultant: Hundreds of local business owners are the core recipients of John’s financial and business expertise. As an infusionsoft partner and as a professionallly trained business coach with over 20 years in community based banking and real estate, John can quickly diagnoses weak points in your business and designs a powerful e-mail and video marketing foundation for it to grow.His practical and effective system includes training for you in: How to charge what your worth and get it. Designing platinum style automated marketing programs that can create a huge increase to your bottom line.Content video e-marketing best practices that convert to money in your business. Expertise in building an effective automated marketing system that creates consistent business and growth to your customer list.Many businesses grow without a plan and find them selves making money, but not seeing profits. As your e-marketing and money coach, John helps you make Peace with Prosperity and implement the mindset and the strategic blueprint you need to breakthrough your barriers to abundance once and for all.

Tom Shapiro
CEO and Founder
Digital Marketing NOW

Tom Shapiro is the CEO and Founder of Digital Marketing NOW (, a comprehensive digital marketing and design firm, where the team thinks big and helps their clients achieve big things. He recognizes that strategic digital marketing campaigns are instrumental in driving results for just about any business today, which is why he built a full-service digital marketing agency that expertly handles everything digital.

Tom's areas of expertise include digital strategy, web development, design, SEO, paid search, conversion optimization, social media, email marketing and analytics. Tom cuts through the hype and develops clear, differentiated marketing strategies focused on real results for his clients.

His innovative, Boston-based firm has built an impressive roster of clients, including actor Matt Damon’s charity.  The management team leverages its experience working with highly-respected Fortune 100 companies, including Procter & Gamble, IBM, Sears, Kraft Foods, GE, among others.  To date, the majority of their clients have come through word-of-mouth referrals, a testament to the agency’s superior work, extraordinary results and tremendous creativity. 

Grant Simmons
Director, SEO and Social Product
The Search Agency

Grant Simmons currently serves as Director, SEO and Social Product at The Search Agency, the number one independent search firm in the USA.

Grant has over 20 years of agency experience serving industry-leading organizations such as; Paramount Studios, Countrywide Wholesale Lending, M&M/Mars, Disney, Napster, Warner Bros., UPS, SunAmerica, Young Presidents’ Organization, GE Plastics, Amgen and the Santa Monica Convention & Visitors Bureau.

As an entrepreneur, Grant has been key to the successful branding, development and launch of several thriving and innovative Internet startups.

Described as an online marketing strategist, motivator, entrepreneur, idea machine, experienced bridge between marketing & technology, Grant prefers; father, sailor & innovator - though not necessarily in that order when there's a fair wind.

Corissa St. Laurent
Regional Development Director
Constant Contact, New England

Corissa St. Laurent knows relationship marketing. She has owned and operated two different small businesses: one in Los Angeles, CA providing spa and wellness services in home and corporate environments and the other in Manchester, NH providing marketing and brand consulting to other businesses and nonprofits. Through both, she has created powerful new media marketing campaigns, event promotions, and PR for herself and her clients. In June 2009, she joined Constant Contact as the Director of Regional Development for New England and dedicates her time to teaching people how to build lasting relationships through email, social media, and event marketing.

Jo Stumpner

Jo Stumpner
PPC Marketing Director
Top Floor Technologies

Jo Stumpner has over 15 years of sales and marketing experience, with ten years focused specifically on internet marketing. She has helped develop and implement numerous successful internet marketing campaigns for brands such as: Northwestern Mutual, Sony, Club Car, Baird, Kronos, Medical College of Wisconsin and ADP’s award winning “Paid by ADP” campaign. Jo has also devoted many years to working with small and mid-sized businesses with a specific emphasis on B to B lead generation.

Jo currently leads the Pay-Per-Click Marketing department at Top Floor Technologies. She has led Top Floor Technologies to become a certified Google Adwords Qualified Company. She is passionate about driving ongoing, measurable results with the use of pay-per-click marketing.

Jo was certified in 2001 as an internet marketing trainer, is a certified Google adwords professional, has earned the Google analytics individual qualification and was Certified as a PPC Master in January 2010 through Market Motive.

Michael A. Thurman
Loeb & Loeb

Michael Thurman is a Los Angeles-based trial attorney who defends lawsuits, arbitrations and regulatory actions brought against businesses and their executives and employees. He regularly represents business clients in consumer protection class actions and government regulatory actions and investigations brought by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and state regulators, and counsels clients in various industries on advertising and marketing issues.

Mr. Thurman advises businesses and makes presentations regarding compliance and risk management issues, including supervisory and enforcement developments associated with the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), which was created by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010.

He has represented numerous securities brokerage firms and registered representatives in litigation and arbitration actions, as well as regulatory matters brought by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) - formerly the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) - and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). He has also prosecuted and defended employment and general business litigation matters, including representing financial services clients in employee non-competition agreement and trade secret misappropriation declaratory and injunctive relief actions.

Ellen Valentine
Product Strategist

Ellen Valentine has more than 20 years of experience as vice president of marketing/CMO for a number of technology companies. She has deep expertise in launching new products, evaluating product and market positions, designing go-to-market strategy, and managing all digital marketing initiatives. She believes that great people and effective technology are foundations for success, but great execution is the ultimate differentiator. In her role at Silverpop, she’s focused on coaching and mentoring Silverpop clients to adapt and thrive in marketing’s changing role. She’s also a sought-out speaker at industry conferences and events.















































































































































































































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