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Membership Levels and Benefits

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If you are committed to your future and career, a membership with the eMA can truly enhance your opportunities in marketing. Members demonstrate a commitment to their profession.

By joining us you make a statement to employers, clients and customers that they will not be left on the sidelines, but remain prepared for the ever changing marketing landscape.

In short, serious professionals in most any arena belong to their professional association. Would you want to go to a doctor that is not an American Medical Association member? If you were interviewing two identical candidates for a position, the one that has professional association membership is obviously more committed to marketing than the one who does not.

Professional Association Join Today

In today's highly competitive global marketing environment, you need access to the most relevant and up to date processes and solutions for your marketing problems. Our members are the most informed and the most active in the eMarketing and marketing arena. Join Today

Student Membership - $75.00-1year -Join Online / Print an Invoice

If you are a full time student then you qualify for a student membership.

You must be a FULL time student to qualify for student membership.

Associate Membership - $125.00-1year -Join Online / Print an Invoice

If you have limited marketing experience, then an associate membership is the one to pick.

Professional membership - $175.00-1year -Join Online / Print an Invoice

Our most popular individual membership. This membership entitles you to apply for a Certified eMarketer Credential (CeM) ( additional fee applies). If you are an experienced marketing professional then this is the membership for you.

Corporate Membership

Small Company - $295.00 – 2 to 50 employees Print an Invoice / Join Online
Medium Company - $595.00 – 50 to 300 employees Print an Invoice / Join Online
Large Company – $995.00 - 300+ employees
Print an Invoice / Join Online

Our most popular company membership. You assign one person to be the corporate liaison and all correspondence, member kits and information will be sent to him or her.

Platinum Corporate Membership - $2,995.00 -1year -Join Online / Print an Invoice

If your company wants the maximum value, then platinum is the way to go. All Standard Corporate Membership Benefits Plus:

  • Group Education Program availability
  • Listing in our resources section
    ($650.00 value)
  • One free registration to our east or west coast conference ($1500.00 value)
  • Admission to our speaker bureau after approval
  • One free basic, advanced email and advanced seo course ($270.00 value)
  • Listing on eMA home page as Platinum member
  • One free professional membership ($175.00 value)
  • 15 free eCourses for employees
  • Use license for eMA white papers (members area)
  • 10% Discount on all eMA Conferences and Seminars
  • Member only gift at all eMA Conferences
  • 24/7 eMarketing email consultations



We also offer Diamond Membership for $30,000. This membership is by invitation only.

* Please refer to the Professional Certification Link for more information. Read the CeM Exam Specs Here (PDF)

The eMarketing Association reserves the right to change or substitute member benefits at any time.

Terms and conditions of Membership:  The eMarketing Association reserves the right to reject any member registration.  The eMA expects members to follow ethical business practices, and reserves the right to rescind any membership that is in violation of ethical business standards.  The eMarketing Association (eMA) reserves the right to make changes to member benefits at anytime without notice to members. eMA's total liability to a member shall be limited to the amount of fees received, if any, from a particular members.