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Benefits of CeMA to schools and e-commerce, business classes:

1. The certification provides a value-added benefit to your curriculum. It is very popular with students. In classes offering CeMA as an option to a course the participation level is 94%. Enrollment in your class may increase as a result.

2. The certification provides your students with a real world credential that can be of great value in seeking employment, college admissions applications.

3. Students enrolled in the CeMA program tend to be more involved in their e-commerce and business studies. As well as conferring a certain status to the student it helps level the playing field with students receiving IT certifications through your school.

4. The CeMA certification is simple to implement. Unlike other certification programs there are no lengthily applications or processes for approval. The eMA puts the certification in the teachers hands where it belongs.

5. The CeMA certification provides you and your student with valuable resources through the CeMA resource center. Articles, lessons, white papers and more are available to help prepare students or incorporate into your class.


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