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CeMA Certification Endorsements

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"The CeMA certification program offers a relevant, timely and quantitative e-marketing credential. It's a high quality certification for marketers that are serious about demonstrating their e-marketing competency."

Sarah Autrand
President and CEO
Market4Demand, Inc.

"I'm impressed with the depth and breadth of knowledge you have identified as necessary for the CeMA certification. I believe it addresses the critical need for e-marketers to understand both the abilities and limitations of web technology. This educational foundation will go a long way towards resolving the communication breakdowns between Marketing and IT professionals that have plagued our fledgling industry."

"As CEO of Advizers, LLC I wholeheartedly endorse the CeMA program because I am certain it will benefit professional development in our industry."

James Wood

"IMC Conferences, Inc. the producer of the "Marketing on the Internet Conference" endorses the CeMA Certification as a valuable method of determining e-marketing competency in marketing students and professionals."

Sandra Tozke
IMC Conferences, Inc.

"The CeMA program provides pertinent and valuable 'real business world' lessons. Teachers and schools participating in CeMA offer their students an excellent credential in e-marketing."

Jonathan W. Petersen, CeM
Director of Internet Marketing