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Mobile Marketing, eCourse and Certification – Certified Mobile Marketing Expert (CMME)

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Today’s marketing environment and Eco structure are heavily influenced by the proliferation of smart phones and tablet computing.
This change is influencing email, search, advertising and social marketing with an impact as dramatic as the introduction of the laptop
20 years ago.

This 5 lesson course will provide you with the best practices, processes and tools to adapt and succeed in the mobile marketing arena.

It will cover:
1. IPhones, iPads, Android Phones and Android tablets.
2. Effective email strategies for mobile devices
3. Effective search both organic and paid for mobile devices
4. Actionable strategy’s for website design including mobile sites
5. The pros and cons of using mobile sites
6. How your message is received by users in diverse environments
7. How to effectively manage mobile social marketing and paid advertising on social sites
8. The use of Apps and how to use them within your marketing strategy
9. How you can use mobile for surveys, contests and more
10. Using text and multimedia messaging for marketing programs
11. QR codes and their place in your marketing strategies
12. Using GPS data on most mobile devices to optimize your marketing effectiveness
13. Using mobile marketing in both B2C and B2B programs.
14. Platform issues between iOS and Android
15. Demographics, and Psychographics of mobile users

In fact, we will cover all you need to be successful in this emerging and fast growing mobile environment.

The certificate course and certification will be released in early July, You can get a pre-public release discount and registration by emailing reed@emarketingassociation with 888 in the subject line. There is no obligation you will receive a pre release invitation and more information on the course and certification 10 days before its public release, you will also receive a 30% discount code.

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