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The eMarketing Association offers a variety of programs for the marketing community. Although membership is not a requirement to take advantage of these programs, a discount is usually offered to members in the members only area of this site.

The following services are currently available, check back often as we are adding new services periodically.

Website Evaluation


All eMA Members Receive a $100 discount- see members only area - Discounts

All your eMarketing efforts are wasted or worse yet harmful, if your site is not up to reasonable standards. This comprehensive site analysis will point to the deficiencies in your site so you can correct them and get a better ROI on your marketing investment. The analysis will also help you get better search engine listings by checking incoming and out going links, metatags, copy and other items that are essential to good listings in the search engines. Additionally we will check on your traffic, page views, and visitor ranks in comparison with your competition.

Report the number of incoming links to your site

Check and report on HTML code errors on your site

Check and report on the status of your search engine optimization

Check and report on dead links on your site

Check your images for optimization

Check your status with the major search engines

Review your navigation and provide an evaluative report

Review your site in general for e-commerce optimization

Review your privacy policy and report on areas of improvement

Provide a general evaluation of your site

You will receive your report within 2 weeks with areas of improvement outlined and suggestions on improvement.

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eMarketing Plan Development


If you are in the process of developing an eMarketing plan for your company the eMA can help. Our consultants, will work with you to ensure that you have a highly effective and efficient program.

We work with companies large and small to produce short and long term strategic plans for eMarketing and the integration of offline and online marketing programs.

We can develop the entire plan from your input or provide assistance in those areas that you feel need additional material. Statistics, projections, pro-forma ROI's and processes can be included.

For more information and a quote for your project please email Robert Edwards at: edwards@emarketingassociation.com


Enterprise Training

Improve employee skills

If you would like to improve the "e" skills of your employees the eMA has a variety of solutions for professional development. All courses are delivered online and are instructor led. All courses are one week long (4 lessons, plus final exam) and require a minimum of 5 enrollments per company. Each is $29.00 per employee. All employees that pass will receive a certificate of completion personalized and ready to frame.

Email etiquette - How to write effective email.

Covers legal aspects, signature files, grammar, attachments and more. An essential but overlooked skill in today's business environment

Research on the Internet - How to research anything on the Internet.

Covers search engine techniques, tips and tricks, keywords, producing reverent reports. How to tap in to hundreds of relevant statistics and reports for free.

Basic Internet Skills - A general course on how to use browsers.

Tips on organization of material, favorites, links and more. Basic navigation process explored. Personalization, cookies and rich media are covered.

To enroll employees in these courses or for more information please email: Nicole Reed, CeM @ reed@emarketingassociation.com


Website Design and Development

The eMA is uniquely positioned to help you develop and deploy an effective ecommerce solution. Our web development staff is ready to help you with your design or ecommerce program whether it is large or small. Our constant contact with industry leaders keeps us up to date on the most effective navigation, design and ecommerce tools available.

For more information on how the eMA can improve your
website design email: norton@emarketingassociation.com


eMarketing Association Speakers

If you need help with keynote speakers, break-out speakers or forum leaders contact us. The eMA has speakers available from a number of different industries. Presentations cover a wide range of marketing topics.

For more information please email:fleming@emarketingassociation.com

Resource Link Directory


All eMA Members may link for free - see members only area - Discounts
AYour link will appear on our link listing section within 24 hours of your order. Links subject to approval by the eMA. If your link is not approved you will be notified and your charge will not be processed or you will receive an immediate credit. Links expire one year from the date of your order. You will receive a renewal notice via email 30 days before your link expires. We do not accept listing orders by phone. Links cannot be changed once ordered, however you can cancel your link at any time by e-mailing:


No refunds for links that are cancelled prior to the expiration date. If a link is not working for more than 7 days the eMA reserves the right to remove the link from the section.

Terms of service and conditions of use:

The e Marketing Association does not accept links from sites that we know either contain false or misleading claims or promotes ineffective or dangerous products. The eMA also does not accept links for alcohol, tobacco, gambling, illegal products, firearms or pornography.We will not list any sites whose home page contains anything that would be considered as "intrusive in nature" such as attempts to place "spyware" or anything else on our viewer's computers without their knowledge (with the exception of "cookies"). Your site must contain sufficient pages and recognizable content. We do not generally accept one page sites, or sites that consist predominately of links to other web sites. We do not accept links to PDF files, Word files or any files other than standard web pages. A link to another web site does not count as local or original content. Your site should not be under construction and all links must be working. Your site cannot mirror or redirect to another website. Any site that violates our standards may be removed from the link section at anytime and without notice. You agree to indemnify and hold the eMarketing Association, its representatives, agents, advertisers, listed companies, partners, or other linked party; blameless, and free from any claim or demand made by any third party arising from the use of the service, its availability, suitability, and any content linked to from our services.

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If you have a suggestion or a certain need in the eMarketing arena that you would like to see addressed, let us know by sending an email to:service@emarketingassociation.com