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The Process...
  • Agree to the ethics above.
  • Pay the $99.00 processing fee

members should not engage in any practice that is deceptive, misleading, fraudulent or unfair.

members should post privacy policies conspicuously on their website and strictly adhere to those policies.

Customer Service
members should strive for high levels of customer service and satisfaction and create processes to ensure timely customer complaint resolutions.

members should be knowledgeable of local, state and federal statutes regarding eCommerce and strictly adhere to those statutes.

members promoting or marketing goods or services should not engage in practices that would cause unreasonable risk or harm to consumers.

members should post on their website a reasonable amount of contact information including 1. company name 2. address 3. email address.

members should respect the intellectual property of others.


After you've completed steps 1 and 2 and you've been approved for certification, you will be sent a code for placement of the certification seal on your site. The seal will link to your company verification page on our server [ example ] This page is to assure your customers that you are eMA Site Certified and dedicated to a safe and ethical internet practice and is available in our database should anyone enquire as to your certification status via Membership Verification.

Please note: Your credit card will not be billed until we've approved your website.