Tuesday, July 9, 2024
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Tony Wells, Board Member and C-Suite Executive, on marketing success in an era of rapid technological transformation and (potential) “marketing austerity”

Tony Wells is an accomplished, results-oriented board director and C-Suite executive with a deep and extensive knowledge of contemporary marketing. Today he serves as...

Freddie Laker, of Chameleon Collective & Collective OS, on leveraging collective expertise in marketing

Freddie Laker is the founder of Chameleon Collective and Collective OS; the latter providing a trusted partnership ecosystem for professional services firms seeking to...


Megan Cunningham, of Magnet Media, on the power of strategic storytelling

Megan Cunningham is CEO and Founder of Magnet Media, a global brand content studio. Prior to founding Magnet Media, Megan worked in production at...

Christopher Kenna, of Brand Advance Group, on reaching underserved audiences

Christopher Kenna is CEO and Founder at Brand Advance Group, a company whose mission is to "help the worlds largest Brands & Agencies reach...

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Johanna Bauman, of PubMatic, on smart B2B marketing strategies for 2024

Had a great, informative talk with Johanna Bauman, CMO at PubMatic, to discuss marketing challenges and opportunities in the tech sector. PubMatic is one of...


The brightonSEO conference has evolved from a small group of search specialists gathering in a room over a pub in Brighton, England to a...


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